Sunday, October 6, 2013

What to write.....

I think this makes #6 for me. Almost a whole week! So as I sit here beginning to write the one fear that I had starting this, not knowing what to write, has become a reality. So I am going to start babbling a little bit here and hope something comes to my mind. I don't want this to be a blow by blow diary of my day, or just a rehashing of things I have tweeted or posted on Facebook or something along those lines. But I want to produce some meaningful writing that can be enjoyed by all that read it.

I might have something now. I was reading some stuff online today, Facebook posts, a couple of blogs I follow, and some articles on sports, when I realized how much I associate songs with things I read and hear. Case in point today I read a post on Facebook that got me thinking about the song Don't Stop Believin, by Journey. Then I got a message alert that my friend had posted her new blog post for the day. So I opened up the message and read her post. Very powerful post and truly written from her heart. I hope she doesn't mind but here is a link to her blog: Check out her blog and the journey her and her husband are on.

Reading her blog immediately reminded me of one of my favorite songs that was written by one of the best song writers ever. Live Right by Rich Mullins. Here are some of the lyrics from the song.

Don't pull away from what's ahead of you and don't you look back Look forward in faith and hope will pull you through To a love that will last 
Live like you'll die tomorrow Die knowing you'll live forever, live right Love like you'll leave tomorrow Believing love lasts forever, live right 

Looking forward with faith is something we all have struggled with or are struggling with I think. We worry about things that are not really under our control. We worry about little things, big things and things in between. What does worry really get us? A headache, a sick feeling in our stomach, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and so on. It isn't anything good. Which now makes me think of another song and about a question my principal asked the whole staff a couple of weeks ago.

I believe it was in an email or it might have been on his blog but he was talking about walk up songs, the song a ball player has played as he is introduced and is walking up to the plate. It is kind of a personal tag you might say. He asked us staff members what our walk up song would be. And this song, that just came to mind a minute to go, and is running through my head as I write, would be my walk up song.

I loved this song when it came out, but Bobby McFerrin isn't quite as good as Bob Marley.

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