Friday, October 25, 2013

The heat is on....

Well I broke down tonight and turned the heat on in our house. My goal every year is to not turn it on until November 1st. I almost made it this year. Today when I got home from getting finger printed for our adoption and picking up B and E (our foster children's siblings) I vacuumed out all of the registers and got everything set to turn on the heat, except the furnace filter. I didn't have an extra filter so I had to go to Wally World after the football game to get one. I picked one up and took it home, put it in and turned on the beast. As I sit here I can hear it roaring through the door.

I want to focus the rest of my blog tonight on some good men in my community. I have had the privilege of learning from some of these guys over the last 3 years and tonight I watched as they led their boys in their final game of their season. Three years ago when I started helping coach Logan's football team I didn't know a whole lot about coaching/teaching football. These guys have started to build a program that encompasses all of the levels of play in the community, from flag on up to varsity. And even though the record was not really a great one, I see a lot of growth and a lot of positive things happening in the St. Louis football program. Aaron, Mike, Phil, Ed, Donnie, and the rest of the coaching staff, thank you for what you have done, are doing, and are going to continue to do for the football program here in St. Louis. Great job this year and I know that we are only going to continue to get better as we move forward.

Go Sharks!!

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