Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hanging in Indy

Wow!! It has been a long time since I have blogged. Sorry if you have been missing my ramblings. So it is spring break week and I am hanging out at my grandpa's house down here in Indianapolis. He was recently in the hospital after suffering a minor stroke. He has been home for a little while so I thought I would come down and hang out at his place for a couple of days. I took him to his OT and PT appointments today and got a lot of work done while sitting in the waiting room for him to get done. Last night we had some visitors, Rosanna, Angela, and Chance came over. Chance was a riot. He is a lot like my Maddex.

I brought my mom and my daughter Aggie with me. Aggie has had a blast. She has been playing in the yard, doing puzzles, and playing with the waffle blocks. She built a whole town last night.
It has been a good trip. We went out for dinner last night and tonight and ended up going to places where kids got to eat free so Aggie has eaten dinner for free both nights. Neither time did we know it till we got to the restaurants so that was a nice little treat. She thinks it is really cool too. Her big find of the trip were some seashells she found in the flower bed that we think Grandma Catherine must have put there at some time.

We ended up driving my parents van down though. On Monday, while my better half and I were running errands the transmission went out on our Impala. I had it towed to the local Chevy dealership thinking it would be covered by the extended warranty we had purchased when we bought the car. Of course we were over the mileage, still several months short of the 3 years, on the warranty so it isn't covered. Well several phone calls back to St. Louis from Indy and with the help of a very good friend our car will be getting fixed at another place for several hundred dollars cheaper than the dealership wanted to charge us. It is great to have good friends that are willing to step up for you when you need a little help. Thanks brother, you know who you are.

Tomorrow we will probably head back north. Not sure I really want to go but there is so much I need to do since baseball season for Logan starts Tuesday and I have a softball season to start preparing for too. Once again I will be coaching Logan's team and I am really excited for it to start. I just hope that we are going to be able to practice this next week. It wasn't looking good when I left St. Louis Tuesday but I am praying for a miracle.