Monday, October 7, 2013

One week down...

Sometimes my job is fun, sometimes it is hard, sometimes it seems hopeless, sometimes it tears at my heart, but most of all my job is satisfying. Everyday I get to spend several hours with 19 of the greatest kids. Today we learned all about fire safety. The local fire department brought their smoke house and a couple of their trucks to the school and talked to the kids. It was a lot of fun. My students were so intrigued by all of the equipment. What was really cool was that the fire department brought all of the kids a t-shirt. The kids loved them. Thanks to all the guys that gave of their time to come and teach the kids today.

Tomorrow my class will be headed to our school woods for the day. I am so excited to see how they react to all of the fun activities that we are going to be doing. It is going to be sunny and in the 60s according to Weather Bug so weather should not be a factor.

Random thought - what ever happened to quality television? Don't get me wrong I enjoy several of the shows that are on tv now but why are shows that are rated TV 14 on at 8:30pm? I am not really watching tv tonight but it is on. I primarily watch sports on tv so I don't see a ton of shows but I do have the tv on a lot. I am sitting here tonight working on my blog and in the matter of a few minutes I am appalled at what I am hearing. I remember shows like The Cosby Show and Family Ties. Those shows were funny and family friendly. The other night I turned the channel because what was on was not appropriate for my kids and it was before 9 pm. Why is this? I have a theory.

I believe that our society is headed in a downward spiral to hell. Society is decaying morally. It has become more and more acceptable to use offensive language openly, regardless of those that are in ear shot. I am a firm believer in the freedoms that our forefathers worked hard for but I think we are totally off track from where they intended things to be. The number one problem in this country is that we have lost our focus. Our forefathers had God in the center of what they were trying to accomplish. They wanted religious freedom. They wanted to be able to worship the way they wanted. Now there were some other desires that they had too but the central intent was religious freedom. Everything they did had religious undertones. They understood that this nation would only succeed if they trusted in God. Were they perfect? Absolutely not, none of us are. But I believe that we wouldn't be in the predicament we are in if we had stayed true to the intent of our forefathers. I pray for our country, I pray for our leaders, not as much as I should but I pray. I pray for us to change direction, to refocus on our Creator. "In God We Trust" is the official motto of our country. Reaffirmed by a vote in the House of Representatives 396-9 in 2011 (New York Times, Nov. 1, 2011). So why aren't we living like it?

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