Monday, October 28, 2013

And then it was 4

4 left to make it to 31.

Today there was no school for the kids so they stayed at home and gutted the pumpkins they got from Grandpa Joe. They are now all set for carving. Now we just have to try and squeeze that in sometime before Thursday. Might be a late night or two this week. We might have been able to fit it in today except that I had parent-teacher conferences and then had to turn in all the football gear afterwards.

Speaking of parent-teacher conferences my wife went to Aggie's and Logan's and got overall good reports for both. I was glad to hear that. Will find out about Gwen tomorrow or Wednesday. And Nicole hopes to make it to the high school to check on Taylor's grades. I am proud of all my kids and how well they are doing.

My parent-teacher conferences went really well. All those scheduled showed up and the conversations were very positive and productive. It is awesome to see parents take an active interest in the child's education. Which brings me to the subject of tonight's blog, a parent's role in education.

Now I don't profess to be an expert in any way, shape, or form. I am a 2nd year teacher, the son of an educator, and a parent. I don't proclaim to have all the answers and I know that I have a lot to learn about being a great teacher. So what am I saying? I am saying that I care deeply about all of the students in my classroom and because of that I want to talk a bit about the role of the parent in their child's education.

Parents are the key to any successful educational partnership, and that is what it should be, a partnership. A partnership between the teacher, the school, the student, and the parent. All of these players have a role and when one of them isn't fulfilling that role the outcomes won't be as good as they should be. I think parents play the most important role in the partnership though. The parent needs to be encouraging, supportive, firm, stubborn, and loving (among other things) all at the same time. The parent needs to encourage their child to be the best they can be, to try hard, to go to school, to do their work, and so on. The parent needs to support their child whether the grades are good or not so good, in the good times, and the bad, when the child is right and even when the child is wrong. Children need to know that their parents are going to be there for them. Support can be allowing the child to endure the consequences of their actions but being there on the other side. Parents need to be firm and stubborn when the child doesn't want to study or do their homework, or doesn't want to go to school. The parent needs to above all else love their child. Students are going to have times of struggle, times of frustration, that is when they need love the most. When they are hurting they need that hug to let them know it's going to be okay.

I am blessed with some really great parents in my classroom this year. Their desire for what is best for their child rang loud and clear today. I want to thank all of my parents for all that they do for their kids, and especially for allowing me to be a part of their lives and their educational journey. Thank you!

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