Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Coloring Song

Do you ever have random songs pop into your head at odd moments? It happens to me all the time. My students probably think I am weird because I will sometimes start singing the song that pops in my head. Today, while my students were working hard on a graphing assignment I was sitting at my desk observing them working together one of them said "red is the color...." I don't remember what she said after that, she was talking to her partner, but I heard those first 4 words and it immediately brought to mind a song from my younger years. It was a song that was introduced to me by my youth minister at the time. Chris is probably one of the wisest men I know. He introduced me to the Christian rock band Petra. I loved them from the first time I heard them in his living room. One of my favorite songs of theirs is "The Coloring Song." It starts with that line "Red is the color..." so I guess it was a natural impulse, if there is such a thing, but the song has stuck with me the rest of the day. I am not going to go to into some big explanation of why I love this song but I want you to check it out if you aren't familiar with it and if you are familiar with it listen to it too. 

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