Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Three left and a word or two of caution

Three posts left to write. Tonight I am blogging from my iPad. Not as easy to type on, but it works. So please forgive any typos.

Tonight I wanted to write about something that is bothering me but I have decided that it would not be productive. This led me to think about something my principal mentioned in an email a few days ago and then in his blog. He also mentioned it a few weeks ago. He talked about resting on things before sending them or posting them. This is a practice that I regularly follow. Sometimes I don't always do that with my mouth though. In todays digital world it is more important than ever to police ourselves and what we are putting out into the world wide web. What. Some people fail to realize is that once something is out there it is always out there. You may be able to hide it from the general public, but it still exists. So, tonight I decided to wait and hold off on the original topic at least for now. I may come back to the topic down the road somewhere but the temperature needs to subside. 

I do want to leave you with a warning, especially to my younger readers. 

Think twice, maybe three times, before you post anything online or send that text or email. Reread everything before pushing send or post. The extra few moments it takes to do that can save you from the possible repercussions or effects of a mistake. 

You may have the opinion that what others think doesn't matter but the 'others' that see what you send or post may be that person that you are sitting across from in an interview or someone else in a position that affects your future. The old saying better safe than sorry really applies. A good rule that I have used is "What would my mother say or think about this?"

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