Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Threats and magic words

Let me preface this by saying that I don't necessarily condone making threats but sometimes it is needed. As some of my readers may know, I smashed the screen on my phone yesterday at some point. So last night I drove to the cell phone store in Mt. Pleasant to do an insurance claim. I was helped by a very nice and professional young man. We spent several minutes over 2 separate phone calls, they hung up on him once, dealing with the company that handles the insurance claims for my carrier. The problem was that they could not replace my LG Optimus G due to it not being in stock and LG is evidently not making anymore. So they wanted to replace my phone with a inferior product. I was not interested in an inferior product if I had to pay my full deductible. Finally after talking to 2 different ladies myself I agreed to a Samsung S 4 in place of my G. I was not 100% satisfied with the deal but thought it was probably the best deal I could make sense they weren't willing to budge on the deductible. So today when my wife opened the box and found a Motorola Photon, which I specifically told the lady I did not want, I was not happy. I called and the lady said she was sorry and to go to the store and the store would take care of it for me. I was hesitant but she assured me it would be okay. I went back up to MP tonight and we called the company again the sweet young lady who helped me tonight was met with resistance to getting the situation resolved and they hung up on her. So we called them back and she gave the phone to me when they weren't willing to make things right. I explained the situation to the lady on the other end quite bluntly and told her that they would be sending me the phone that was agreed upon. She seemed like she was going to take care of it till I mentioned that I felt like I might need to call the Better Business Bureau. She quickly said she could no longer help me, when I questioned as to why she said because I said Better Business Bureau. I thought oh, those must be the magic words. She said she needed to transfer me to someone else. Okay, I can complain to them to then I thought. She came back on and introduced me to another lady. This lady identified herself as the CEO, wow, those were some magic words. So this lady was very apologetic and was glad to be able to take care of my situation. The whole tone was different than what I and the cell provider employees had experienced. Well in the end they are sending me the S4 and it should be her tomorrow. I made her say it a couple of times and I spoke loud enough everyone in the store knew what was taking place. (The store is pretty small) She also gave me her name and a phone number and said that she is the only one by that name at the company and that I should ask for her by name if I ever need to call back. So we will see if I get the correct phone tomorrow or not. I have not ruled out calling the BBB at this point. But I was left with a question I have had for years. How do educated people not know that MI is Michigan not Missouri?

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