Wednesday, October 30, 2013

30 for 30

Not only is it the number of days that I have blogged but it is a pretty good show on the ESPN family of networks. I haven't watched a lot of them but a couple I have seen were pretty good.

So the goal is really close, so close I can taste it, wait that is just the donuts and cider all of us 2nd grade peeps at CK are going to be indulging in tomorrow morning. I love my fellow 2nd grade teachers. They have this brilliant tradition, not sure how old it is, to have donuts and cider for our treat on Halloween instead of having a bunch of parents volunteer to bring in a bunch of different things. It makes it really easy and stress free. Parents don't have to scramble to worry about a treat when they are trying to get costumes squared away and making sure lunches are packed, backpacks are set, and all those other things parents with 2nd graders worry about. Plus, I love donuts!! Anyway, today and tomorrow and I will have met my goal. A little preview of tomorrow's blog: it will be a reflection on the month.

Today, I want to send a big shout out to all of the parents of my students who came to parent teacher conferences this week. 17 of the 19 students had a parent or parents attend. I even had a grandma come with a mom. All of my conferences were positive and productive. I am blessed to have some really good parents in my class. Like my previous post about the role of parents talked about, the role they play is so important and I feel really good about what we can accomplish together for their children this year.

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