Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2 for 2

Well I have made it 2 for 2. Great start, right? Well if it was my first two at-bats in a softball game maybe. Two days isn't really much. But if I am going to make it to 31 you have to get to 2 after 1. So here goes some thoughts from day 2.

I can some up my day in basically one word - communication.

Communication is important, no, it is more than that. It is paramount. Without communication it is difficult to get through the day, isn't it? You would think with all of the advances we have in technology that communication would be easier and wouldn't be lacking in so many cases. I think it still seems to be a problem area for a lot of people. Many times the problems we have are the result of a lack of communication. Lack of communication with our spouses, our children, our coworkers, our bosses etc...

Today was actually more of a positive in terms of communication but it got me thinking that we need to communicate more if we want the things we are involved in to succeed. I need to communicate better with my students if I want them to learn, I need to communicate better with my players so they can be better football players, I need to communicate better in my home, with my wife and kids, so things run smoother. The list can go on and on. Today as I sat with some very dedicated coworkers and some great parents of students at my school I was blessed to see communication lines being opened, wide. The conversation was somewhat inspiring. It really was a great example of how being open and communicating our fears, our desires, our ideas, our beliefs, etc... really allow others to understand us and where we are coming from. Good communication really helps alleviate a lot of the negative things, like animosity and anger. I want to thank those that were there for that meeting today. Today's meeting was a big step forward for our school. Thank you!

As I close tonight I want to challenge you. I want to challenge you to be intentional in your communication. Be proactive not reactive. Don't wait or let it go when you aren't sure of something, ask. Don't just assume, ask for clarification.

One last thing before I go, my thoughts and prayers go out to the Graham and Hendrix families this week as they have had to say good bye to family members. The two situations are very different but the loss is the same, a loved family member is no longer here with them. To these two families I pray God's peace and love will surround you each and every day.

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