Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Munch is growing up!

Earlier tonight I watched as my oldest daughter head to her first homecoming dance with her friends. Munch, as I call her, is a 14 year old freshman and is no longer my little girl. As I approach my 40th birthday in a few weeks I am beginning to realize how quickly time really does fly by. I got to thinking as I was taking some pictures of Munch and her friends that it seems like yesterday we were taking pictures of her in her Hershey's kiss costume. She was the cutest piece of chocolate you have ever seen. She is now a beautiful young lady now and I am so proud to be her daddy. I must say she looked gorgeous in her dress and new shoes. The shoes are a bit of an issue with me though. I don't know much about fashion and I told Memaw that I wasn't writing a fashion blog tonight but I will say that the shoes scare me. They are some seriously high heels and I can just see Munch breaking her ankle in them. Basketball season is too close, we can't have any injuries.

Okay, enough about that, on to something that helps keep me feeling young. Coaching football. Today my fifth grade football team traveled east to face one of the Saginaw Township teams. I will admit that my coaching staff and I were a little worried that we may be outmatched going up against a much bigger district than ours. I always believe that anyone can be beat on any given day but I was prepared for the worse today. Well, the kids came to play today. I am so proud of the effort that my kids put forth today. They played what is probably the best game they have played in the three years that I have been coaching them. We controlled the game from beginning to end for the most part. We had one of the best drives I have ever seen in youth football. One of my assistant coaches said afterwards that we probably had the ball for 12 of the 16 minutes in the first half. It was impressive, especially for a bunch of 5th graders. It was a great all around team effort. They made very few mistakes and never compounded any of those mistakes, instead, they got right back at it and took it to the opponent. I wish I could take credit for it but I play only a small part in the success of this team. I have a great group of assistant coaches - Maxwell, Pestrue, Taipalus, Starry, Clark, and Adams. A big thank you to these gentlemen for all they do for our team and me. What is great about working with these guys is that they don't just know and love football but they all are Christians. The relationships that I have developed with these men mean the world to me. Thanks again men!

Go Sharks!

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