Friday, October 18, 2013

As it comes to a close.....

Tomorrow is my 5th grade football teams last game. It has been a good season, long, but good. As it comes to a close I look back to where we were in August and see where we are now and I am pleased. We have come a long way these past couple of months. At the 5th grade level it really isn't about wins and losses, though we all like to win, but rather, about getting better. One of my assistants got us to start talking about working towards "Friday night lights" very early in the year and that was kind of my mind set all season long. It is about getting better each and every day, whether it was practice or a game. Our record may not be great but we have played hard each week, we have worked hard in practice, some days more than others, and we have gotten better. I can't say that I am disappointed that the season is going to be over, 7 games is a lot of football for these young men and lady. Focus has been a constant battle and with age that should improve. My hope for tomorrow is that we come out fighting and we don't stop till the last whistle blows. Win or lose, it doesn't matter. I count this season as a success. My players are not just better football players today than when we started in August but they are better kids. See football, and really all team sports, are not just about the sport, they are about life. Team sports teach participants a lot about what life is really like. We constantly talk to our players about that and how the lessons we learn on the football field, basketball court, or baseball field don't just stay there, they go with us throughout our entire lives. 

So, 5th grade Sharks, go get 'em, I am proud of you!!

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