Thursday, October 17, 2013

Single dad..........again

Well for the 2nd time this month I have become a single dad. Nicole and Taylor left this morning for the VFW Big Ten Conference over in the Chicago area. They will be there till Sunday. So the other 5 kids and I are stuck together for the weekend. Nicole leaves us quite a few times throughout the year to tend to her VFW responsibilities and we are okay with that. We support her and the phenomenal work that she does with that organization. It usually goes pretty good when she is gone, due to some great friends and family that step up and help me out. Though this past year or so has had some interesting situations take place while she has been gone. One trip Aggie ended up breaking her thumb in a little wrestling match with her siblings. Then this summer, while she was in Kentucky, the family dog slipped his collar and got hit by our neighbor. Morris only suffered a broken foot and has recovered very nicely, as did Aggie, so really they weren't major incidents, no one died on my watch. So tonight went well, had all the kids in bed by 9:15 and I am sitting watching the Tigers game and doing a little writing.

Now I joke about the single dad bit, it really isn't that bad. We do things that mom wouldn't let us do and we watch movies that mom doesn't like very well and won't watch with us when she is home, and basically just pretend mom doesn't exist for the weekend. It can be a lot of fun. Of course that means Sunday we have to scramble to get the house back together and picked up a bit before she gets home so we don't get in too much trouble. Might be interesting this weekend though. This is Taylor's first trip for a whole weekend and I typically get a lot of help from her when mom is gone so hopefully we survive. Pray for my kids they might need it.

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