Thursday, October 3, 2013

#3 Therapy session?

Well this will make it 3 for 3. Must say I am impressed. If I was a betting man I would have said today would be the day I dropped the ball. In fact, I almost decided to not write tonight. As many of you know my wife and I have been foster parents since 2007. We have had 14 children placed with us by the Department of Human Services. Of those 14 we have adopted 2 (our first placement Aggie and Gwen) and our in the process of trying to adopt our latest placement (M and E, a brother and sister who came to live with us 1 year ago next week). I almost didn't write tonight because I just got done writing some responses to some of the issues that have came up over the past 6 and a half years since we started fostering. It was an extremely emotional half hour as I forced myself to relive some of the investigations that we have gone through. I will refrain from elaborating here in this public forum but I want you all to know that this journey hasn't always been easy or fun. This current leg has become really stressful for my family. I have the faith that all things will work out the way they should in the end. My God tells me that it will and I place my trust in Him. But that doesn't make it any easier. To be totally honest and transparent I am pissed! I thought I was finally starting to get over the latest issue but writing that email earlier got me fired up again. So I was ready to just call it a night and go to bed. But I then realized that I would not sleep if I didn't do something to relax. So I turned the computer back on and logged in and started writing. I am still mad but at least the blood pressure has dropped, I think.

Enough of that stuff, now to a little bit of humor for all of you.

If any of you are friends with my wife on Facebook you know that she is concerned that something is going to happen around the house while she is up north at her conference the rest of this week. She said as much earlier today on Facebook. With good reason, during past conferences Aggie has broke her thumb and earlier this summer our dog got hit while she was gone. (The dog survived and is fine.) In my defense, I had no direct connection to either event.

Our foster son M has recently developed this fascination with copying everything he sees and hears. So the other night he got out of bed, without me knowing, and went into the bathroom. I was in the kitchen and thought it was Taylor going into the bathroom to get ready for bed. I went about what I was doing and in a couple of minutes it became apparent that it wasn't Taylor. When I called to the bathroom and asked "Taylor is that you?" I heard little footsteps running and this little boy, face covered in make up, emerged from the bathroom. Evidently he has been watching the older female residents of the house in the morning. It is quite hilarious now, but I did not find it funny at all at that point.

It gets better though....

Nicole left for her conference today and late this afternoon I hear some commotion in the bathroom. I quick do the head count and realize the two little ones are not playing in the living room anymore. Uh oh.....

Sure enough M and E are in the bathroom and M has now decided to teach E about putting make up on. Needless to say he has not really got the whole idea down himself so he probably shouldn't be teaching his little sister. Don't worry sweetheart, if your reading this, there were no injuries and it was minor compared to his first escapade this week, but I am thinking we might have a future clown on our hands.

Well I think this therapy session is over, thanks for reading and hopefully I will return for another session tomorrow.

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  1. Hahahahaha! Wish you could post pictures. Might need to get M an art set.