Friday, November 1, 2013

Live from Pinckney, Michigan....this is 40!!

So I am now 40 years old. It really doesn't feel in different, but it certainly sounds different. I am not sure that I really like saying I am 40. I have had some pretty funny comments directed at me today, but the best one was my dad's. He posted this on Facebook:

"Happy birthday to my favorite son. So proud of who you've become. Just wish it hadn't taken you 40 years to get there."

Definitely the best comment I received so far today. I celebrated with my wife and kids with brunch at a local restaurant, after doing report cards in the morning. Then I traveled to my friend's house in Pinckney, where I am at now. This has become my home base the first weekend in November the past couple of years so that I can help out at the Turkey Bowl. The Turkey Bowl is a charity flag football tournament that raises money and collects can goods to supply needy families with a Thanksgiving meal. It is a lot of fun and the bonus is that I get to see my friend and her family. 

Keeping it short tonight so....

In closing, I want to thank everyone that has wished me well today. I am truly blessed with many wonderful friends and family.  

One last thing....


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