Sunday, November 3, 2013

An open conversation with God.

Prayer has been a big topic lately in many areas of my life. This past summer we had a sermon series on prayer at my church. Very good one too. Then I came across an article earlier this fall about prayer. Today the minister at my church started another series on prayer. Unfortunately I missed it. I went to church with my friends in Pinckney and probably not by chance the sermon was on prayer. I will be very open, my prayer life is not what it should be, but I imagine a lot of us can say that. I see a lot of requests for prayer on Facebook, the passing of loved ones, illnesses, injuries, and life decisions. I will usually pray for this specific thing right away and post a quick comment to let that person know I am thinking about them. But then I go about my day or night and sometimes I forget about it. I try not to but it happens and I apologize for that. I do get reminded though when someone else posts and I get an alert on my phone. I try to say a little prayer for that situation again. These prayers are all good and I am sure they help but that isn't enough. I am not really being intimate with my maker. The minister I heard this morning talked about praying the Psalms. It is a really great idea. I think I may try to do this occasionally. I am also going to try and be more intentional in my prayer life. Praying for wisdom, praying for my wife and kids, praying for all of the things that I have been neglecting in my prayer life for far too long. Most importantly though praying for and working at a more open conversation with God. 

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