Wednesday, November 6, 2013


One thing that I have struggled with since starting this blogging thing is remembering what I have already blogged about. When I am deciding what to write about, I sometimes feel like I have already written about whatever it is that I am contemplating. I am too lazy to look back through most nights and that is the case tonight. I don't know if I have talked about the finality of adoption before tonight or not but if so, then I am sorry, but this is a topic near and dear to my heart.

Today I read, with great joy, that some friends of mine had their adoption finalized. It takes me back to when Nicole and I stood before Judge Arnold in Ithaca and Aggie and Gwen became official, legal members of our family. What a joyful and exciting day. I can imagine how Lori and Jean feel today as they reached that finality in the adoption process. I love the definition of finality that I found when I was checking the spelling. The definition on Google was "the fact or impression of being an irreversible ending." Irreversible, they are officially family. Though they were family from the minute they came into our homes, there is an overwhelming joy that comes over an adoptive parent when it comes to that irreversible ending. I know, I cried a lot that day in the courtroom. I celebrate with you tonight Lori and Jean, congratulations.

There is another feeling that is weighing on me tonight though. It is for the families that are waiting for their adoptions to be finalized. We are there ourselves. We kind of know the timeline for ours, as others do, and that makes it easier. But there are others who have no idea when finality will be reached. For some, they wait, not even knowing when they will see their kids. Government red tape, regulations, and bureaucracy stand in the way. Even though all of these things are preventing the joyous occasion they wait patiently, trusting that God is in control and His plan is unfolding in His time. I pray for them and their children.

Adoption is a wonderful experience and I encourage everyone who knows someone going through adoption or that has recently adopted, lift them up in prayer. Encourage them when you see them, it isn't always easy. And probably most importantly, welcome the newest family members the way you would a biological member of the family, because as far as the adoptive parent is concerned, they are biological.

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