Saturday, November 9, 2013

Impressed and thankful

I was extremely impressed today with the turnout for the sports boosters apple pie making event. The middle school was swarming with workers like it was a beehive. Everyone doing there small part to make something like 2500 apple pies in what had to be world record time. It was amazing. There were volunteers of all different ages and even some that really didn't have much of a connection to our school or sports programs. My son Logan and I even helped out for a little while. I must say I think I was getting pretty good at rolling out dough balls to make the crust. The first one took me a little while but I got the hang of it. Logan was running around helping with what he could too. It was a fun. What a great organization! The people behind this event, some who I am sure I am not even aware of, should be commended for what they do. I am sure I would miss some if I tried to mention them by name so I won't try. I do want to thank all of them though for all of their hard work to help support all of our athletic programs here in St. Louis.

Thank you St. Louis Sports Boosters!

Go Sharks!!

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